Land Subdivision & Development

Over several decades, our land development team has been involved in many of the development projects in and around the Okanagan Valley. Land development can be a complex endeavor including liaising with governmental agencies for approvals, working with surveyors and engineers on plan preparation, ensuring compliance with Land Title Office and Superintendent of Real Estate requirements, and depositing subdivision and strata title plans. With our unmatched depth of skill and experience we can effectively manage all steps in this process to keep your project moving forward.

Our key areas of service include:

  • Residential real estate subdivisions and developments
  • Commercial real estate subdivisions and developments
  • Strata developments
  • Drafting and filing disclosure statements
  • Land use planning
  • Phased and sectioned development applications
  • Property boundary adjustments and consolidations
  • Duplex applications
  • Negotiating, drafting and registering easements, restrictive covenants, statutory rights of way and building schemes
  • Preparing design guidelines and marketing plans
  • Development vehicle structures, including joint ventures and limited partnerships
  • Land assemblies
  • Negotiating and drafting servicing and access agreements

If you require guidance and assistance with your land subdivision or development please contact our lawyers.

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Kelowna Land Subdivision & Development Lawyers