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Are You Located In RU7 Zoning?

To resolve one of the challenges that booming Kelowna faces – the need for more housing – the City of Kelowna has been interested in bringing new housing concepts to Kelowna’s core downtown neighborhoods. One such concept is the new urban residential zoning, or RU7 zoning. RU7 zoning offers an opportunity for increased density in certain urban points around the city, allowing lot owners of formerly single family lots (a lot of these lots were formerly RU6 lots) to permit up to four residential units on a 15 by 37 metre parcel of land, and two or three units for smaller lots.

RU7 zoning has been applied to approximately 1,000 parcels of land in various urban neighbourhoods around Kelowna’s downtown core, allowing lot owners to transform existing building structures and add units on their lots. Builders will have flexibility to explore different methods for RU7 housing, including suites, carriage or laneway houses, triplexes, paired duplexes, and 4-plexes.

Lot owners wishing to take advantage of RU7 zoning will need to go through various stages, including applying for a development and a building permit, before any work can commence. The “Infill Challenge” was a competition coordinated by the City to identify creative designs for RU7 zoning. If lot owners wish to implement one of the two winning entries from the Infill Challenge, there are certain development incentives in doing so, including expedited applications and savings on fees.

RU7 zoning offers great benefits for lot owners in an RU7 zone, as lot values are likely to increase, and additional units can create rental revenue. If you own a lot or are looking to purchase a lot in an RU7 zone, we would be happy to discuss your plans with you, and assist you through the development process.