Estate Litigation

It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise when loved ones lose the ability to make decisions on their own, or after they pass away. Addressing these disputes may involve simply seeking answers to questions but in other circumstances more decisive action may be necessary to ensure that wishes are being abided by. Our lawyers are trained and experienced in assisting in these matters.

We understand these disputes often take place at a time of loss and we provide clear information and advice in a sensitive and timely manner. Our Kelowna lawyers strive to resolve disagreements through negotiation but if those efforts fail to deliver we do not hesitate to invoke the full force of the law.

Our areas of service include:

  • Disputes regarding the appointment or the rescission of committee appointments under the Patients Property Act
  • Curing deficiencies in wills
  • Commencing and defending wills variation claims
  • Disputing applications for probate
  • Acting on claims that a will-maker lacked capacity to draft a will or that he or she was unduly influenced into making a will
  • Applying for or defending applications to discharge or remove an executor or an administrator of an estate
  • Enforcing or defending claims against estate for debts or other claims

We recommend that you contact us to assist you in understanding and addressing any of your needs.

Kelowna Estate Litigation Lawyers

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