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How To Shield Your Home From Civil Claims

  Most Canadians would likely agree that we live in a fair and democratic society with a good rule of law. Within such a societal structure, one should expect to have the power to decide when to sell their own home. How would you feel if you discovered that there is an application in court […]

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Disappointed home owners after their home was sold without their knowledge through a civil lawsuit

Buying A Rental Property? Five Things To Keep In Mind.

Are you considering investing in a rental property this year? Jumping into the real estate market with the intention of becoming a landlord can be an extremely profitable idea but you will need to keep these 5 factors top of mind

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A large home for sale in Kelowna, BC with the opportunity to create a rental property

The Dangers Of Over-Stating Qualifications On Resumes

In an interesting decision out of Ontario, the Court found that an employee who over-stated his work experience on his resume and limited his job searches to only managerial positions failed to properly mitigate his damages after his termination. In Skov v. G&K Services Canada Inc (2017 ONSC 6752), Justice Diamond of the Ontario Superior […]

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A manager packs his desk up after being fired from his position at a corporation

Landlord Tenancy Act Changes For 2018

Are You A Landlord? These New Tenancy Act Changes Will Affect You   On December 11, 2017, new rules which govern the relationship between landlords and tenants came into effect. What are the two key changes you need to be aware of? The ability of a landlord to end a tenancy The ability of a landlord to […]

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Marijuana And Strata Corporations- Is Your Strata Ready?

  It may be time to update your bylaws and rules.   Picture this – you are at home in your condo cooking up a delicious dinner for your conservative parents who are set to arrive shortly. Suddenly you smells the distinct aroma of cannabis wafting through the open windows from the condo next door. […]

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A man in British Columbia smoking cannabis outside of his condo strata

What Is Spousal Support & When Does It End?

“I have to pay what?” and “When does it end?” are the usual questions that we as lawyers get asked when someone learns that they will most likely have to pay spousal support.   Why do I have to Pay Spousal Support? Spousal support can be payable for a number of reasons, sometimes to fill […]

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Doak Shirreff Kelowna Lawyers | Okanagan Law Firm | A man who is stressed about paying spousal support after a separation

Are You Located In RU7 Zoning?

To resolve one of the challenges that booming Kelowna faces – the need for more housing – the City of Kelowna has been interested in bringing new housing concepts to Kelowna’s core downtown neighborhoods. One such concept is the new urban residential zoning, or RU7 zoning. RU7 zoning offers an opportunity for increased density in […]

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How To Not Start A War When Breaking Up

Breaking up is always an emotional event but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are many reasons to avoid full-out warfare including reducing your legal costs, minimizing the effect on your children, speeding up resolution of the issues and reducing the toll the process takes on you. Even where a relationship ends on […]

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The End Is Near: Transitioning Societies

As a reminder, there is just over one year left for societies (not-for-profit corporations) incorporated prior to November 28, 2016 to transition in accordance with the new Societies Act (the “Act”) – all societies have until November 28, 2018 to do so. The transitioning process involves online filing of a transition application, including a constitution […]

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Can I Inherit Debt?

Can I Inherit Debt? The short answer is, no. It is a common misconception that when a person dies, that person’s family inherits his or her debt. Beneficiaries are relieved to hear that this is not the case; generally speaking, you do not “inherit” debt unless you previously accepted responsibility for it. So, what does […]

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