Car accidents are an unfortunate reality that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. The injuries that can result from an automobile accident can be severe, painful, and truly life-changing.

The Effects of Car Accidents Can Last a Lifetime

Most victims that are injured in a car accident suffer both physical injuries and long-term emotional traumas. These injuries can result in massive ongoing medical expenses and can even keep the victim from returning to work, losing their vital income stream and their sense of purpose.

On top of the medical complications and lack of income, navigating complex ICBC claims and regulations can make your situation even more stressful.

50 Years of Experience in Kelowna ICBC claims

If you have been injured or wronged in an automobile accident, the lawyers of Doak Shirreff are here to help. For 50 years we have represented individuals and families in Kelowna, fighting for the compensation they deserve in ICBC claim cases.

When it comes to ICBC related claims and issues, our legal team can help you with:

  • All car and automobile accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bike accident injuries
  • Pedestrian-related accidents
  • Transport truck incidents
  • Recreational accidents including boats, snowmobiles, and ATV
  • Other machinery related accidents

Doak Shirreff Is Here When You Need Us Most

After an accident, you need an experienced team on your side that can help you hold other reckless parties accountable and get the ICBC benefits you deserve. Filling out ICBC paperwork can be confusing, even before an accident. The Doak Shirreff team is here to help advise you what to sign and when. Deciding to submit an ICBC claim or pursue a faulty party alone could put you at risk. Instead of going it alone, rely on your team of lawyers here at Doak Shirreff to gather and analyze all evidence and negotiate on your behalf.

Get Help With Your ICBC Claim Now.

When you are involved in an automobile accident you need to act quickly and secure representation as soon as possible. Every minute matters after an incident, especially when further evidence needs to be gathered.

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