Wine Services

Wineries and vineyards represent a flourishing agricultural, touristic, and business industry in the Okanagan and its surrounding areas. Whether you are planning to develop a new winery or are operating an existing winery, our lawyers can assist you with your legal matters, so you can focus on growing your business.

We take pride in assisting our clients with their operational and regulatory needs pertaining to every facet of the wine industry, including the following:

  • Structuring your business – sole proprietorship, incorporation, general and limited partnerships, joint ventures
  • Drafting contracts and agreements with managers, employees, partners, suppliers, other vineyards, and restaurants
  • Corporate law – maintaining your business entities – companies, partnerships, joint ventures
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual property, copyright and trademarks
  • Real estate transactions and lease agreements
  • Land subdivision, consolidation, rezoning, rights of way, easements
  • Employment matters, taking into consideration that some of your employees may be seasonal
  • Insurance and liability mitigation
  • Labelling and content requirements for a VQA designation
  • Franchising
  • Corporate finance and banking
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Wine sales

We recommend that you contact us to assist you in understanding and addressing any of your needs.

Kelowna Wine Lawyers

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