We understand and that your work is one of the most fundamental aspects of your life, and that a disruption to your employment can cause incredible stress, personally, professionally, and financially. Our team of employment lawyers have experience assisting a variety of employees in a number of industries. We aim to listen to you in order to learn about your goals and explain how employment law interacts with your experiences. We are able to represent and advocate for you at all stages of your career—whether you are leaving a job, or starting a new one.

Some of the ways we can assist you include:

Employment Contracts:  before you sign your employment contract, we can review it with you to ensure that you understand what you are agreeing to and feel confident in your decision.

Termination: if you have been terminated from your employment, we can advise you as to your rights upon termination and advocate for you to ensure that you are receiving all of your entitlements.

Employment Standards Act Requirements: the BC Employment Standards Act governs most workplaces in our province and sets out the minimum standards that must be met by employers. We are happy to arrange an appointment to meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns about your entitlements under this Act.

BC Human Rights Tribunal Complaints: our team can assist you by discussing your rights under the BC Human Rights Code and by advocating for you at every stage in a human rights tribunal complaint.

If you are interested in meeting with us, please reach out to set up an initial consultation appointment.

Kelowna Employment Lawyers

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