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Estate Litigation

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Leaving Your Estate to a Pet

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An Estate plan will usually involve leaving your assets to family members, friends, and/or charities. However, what about those furry members of your family? Although not common, an increasing number of Canadians are writing provisions for their pets in their Wills, to ensure that their “fur-babies” are well taken care of after they pass. A…

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Protecting the Vulnerable: Committeeship in BC

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What is a Committee? A Committee (pronounced Caw-mi-tee) is a person, trust company, or the Public Guardian and Trustee (“PGT”) who is appointed by the Supreme Court of BC to act as a Guardian and to make decisions for an adult who cannot manage themselves or their finances. You or a family member may need…

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Should you use Joint Ownership to Avoid Probate Fees?

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The probate process is a court application seeking an order from the Supreme Court of B.C. which confirms the legality of your Will, recognizes the executor in your Will as the person legally responsible to administer your estate, and requires the executor to administer and distribute your estate according to your Will.  The court proceeding…

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Fixed Price Employment Law Answers for Employers and Employees with COVID-19 Questions

Are you an employer or an employee who has been effected by the global pandemic and need answers to employment and HR related questions? You need a lawyer. Scott Chambers is an experienced employment lawyer who is offering REMOTE (video-conference or telephone) consultation service at a fixed price in 30 minute ($199) and 1 hour blocks ($399). Contact Scott Chambers today at [email protected] or call 250-979-2527 or 1-800-661-4959.

Our Kelowna lawyers represent clients throughout the Okanagan Valley and the rest of BC. We have a diverse practice, from personal injury representation or wills and estate planning to commercial business law or real estate transactions.